Nexus Aura LLC is committed to ensuring seamless transitions with all clients, and it is imperative that all transactions are meticulously documented and archived. To provide customers with confidence in the legitimacy and quality of their projects, Nexus Aura LLC offers a Money Back guarantee and other return policies. However, it is crucial to note that all return policies at Nexus Aura LLC are subject to the following clauses and can be modified only after prior confirmation with clients.

(a) The Money Back Guarantee is applicable for 30 days from the order placement, with the condition that other terms are met.

(b) If unsatisfactory designs result in a request for a return, claims can be made through these channels: i) calling # 408-790-0433, ii) emailing any email address

(c) If initial responses from Nexus Aura LLC, Inc are deemed unsatisfactory and the project progresses to the second round of logo alterations, no return is possible. However, a return request can be initiated by completing the Return Request form, available upon request. Upon timely receipt of the request, Nexus Aura LLC, Inc will refund the total payment made, deducting a service and processing fee of 10% on the package amount.

(d) There are no returns for rush service charges, including 24-hour design fees and 24-hour rush changes.

(e) If a return is approved, the client will receive the credited amount within the next 6-7 Business Days.

(f) Orders will not be entertained or returned if the client remains non-responsive for 45 days. In case of non-responsiveness exceeding 60 days, the client must pay an additional caution fee of $150 for project re-initiation, provided the client communicates the need for a project hold due to personal issues.

(g) If the client decides to forfeit the website portion of the package after 30 days, a return is not applicable. However, the project can be put on hold, and the client may resume it at a later date.

(h) Moreover, the right to the outlined return is forfeited if the customer requests additional revisions or modifications to initial concepts. Timely responsiveness to status notifications from Nexus Aura LLC is also essential to retain the right to a return.

(i) Acceptance of a return is considered the client's sole and exclusive remedy related to responses. It is acknowledged that there is no right, express or implied, to use any response or work product, content, or media, nor any ownership interest in the same.

(j) Upon finalizing one part of the order, the customer is ineligible for a return for the rest of the project.